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3 inch gold dredgeThe size of a gold dredge is identified by the inside-diameter of its suction hose-- generally anywhere from 2 to ten inches. A single person usually can function a 4, 5 or perhaps even a six-inch dredge. Two guys generally operate 6, eight or ten-inch units. Often, when stream bed material is deep, and there is a lot of large material (big rocks and boulders) that should be moved out of the method, as numerous as four or 5 persons can be made use of marine to function a manufacturing gold dredge.


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Dredging is typically done in 10 feet of water or less, but some work is done at deeper/greater depths. Modern suction dredges are created with the use of venturi jet systems. These allow gravel and stream bed material to be directed into a gold recovery system without having to go through the pump.

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There is some quantity of gold to be discovered nearly anywhere in a gold-bearing waterway. The important key is to find it in paying volumes. Most generally, experienced dredgers find rich pay-streaks by systematically sampling various locations where it seems that gold should have been placed. Sometimes it takes various sample openings to find a pay-streak, and often it only takes a few. This typically depends upon an individual's understanding of where gold gets hung up in a stream, and upon his or her familiarity with the location that is being sampled.

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Ancient river bed material quickly drops to the highbanker down at the river
Zip Line Gold Mining Buckets Of Ancient River Bed Material Quickly Drops To The Highbanker Below My buddy and I found some bench gravel 40 to 50 feet up the mountain from the river. We could see where some of the old miners tunneled into the side of the mountain to chase the placer gold. What we saw was a pretty remarkable site. Rocks the size of small cars, just hanging in suspension in the hard pack ancient streambed. It´s always good to find virgin ground for prospecting. The old miners obviously dug tunnels to chase the placer, but it´s really cool to see that untouched stream bed. We had a great time and look forward to returning. This area belongs to a lifelong friend of mine, who has not only the private property to this land, but a patented mining claim without expiration. We are forever grateful for him. We figured the best way to get the ”buckets of gold” down the mountain and across the river was a zip line. Brilliant idea, (my friends, not mine). Worked incredibly well. Twenty First Century bucket line mining. Thanks for watching ?

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